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exists to enable humans to feel good.
We are New York City’s premier meditation studio.

We feature expert teachers from a variety of traditions
offering simple techniques in an accessible manner.

When classes are not in session, our meditation room
is open to the public for self-guided practice.



Our classes are 30 and 45 minutes and are thematic.

You get to choose what would be most helpful to your day.



If you’re looking to get started, we recommend our MNDFL 101 class, where our Chief Spiritual Officer, Lodro Rinzler, offers a brief taste of meditation and breaks down the difference between the various types of meditation offered at our studio.



Learn to focus on your breathing, a meditation technique which allows you to be more calm and present in your day-to-day life. MNDFL’s signature meditation class, this practice grounds you in the here and now like a cold shower on a hot summer day.



Learn how to start and end your day with an intention specific to you, based on what you are personally encountering in your life. A guided contemplation session meant to get your day off to a great start.



Emotions are thoughts with a lot of energy behind them. In this class we learn to work with that energy, seeing it not as good or bad but simply a part of who we are. In this class we learn to explore and ride the energy of our emotions so we are productive, joyful, and free.



Contemplate a word or phrase, coming back to it and engraining it in your being in this short but helpful meditation session. Relax into sound as you repeat a calming mantra, meant to release deeply held stress in your body and guide you to cultivate certain qualities in your life.



Learn simple stretches and a walking meditation that will anchor your physical form. By simply being in our body and grounding ourselves we develop confidence, power, and strength. This class will help you experience a more pleasant morning or evening commute.



We are surrounded by sound for most of our waking day. Learn how to use the sirens and street noise as a form of meditation. Let our teacher guide you into a calm state through focusing on simple sounds, like those of our singing bowls, then learn how you can use sound in the rest of your day as a form of meditation.



At the end of your workday come in and let us take your mind from 100 miles-per-hour to 10. Unwind during a guided meditation session meant to put you at ease and allow for a smooth transition home and into bed. That is, if you can make it to bed. You just might fall asleep on our cushion.



For expecting and existent moms, in this class we learn the basics of meditation in order to cultivate the qualities of relaxation, patience, kindness, and care.



Meditation for kids! Open to children ages 8—12. Even children deal with stress, restlessness, and anxiety. Here they can learn a simple meditation practice, which allows them to bring more peace and joy to their lives.



Who needs caffeine? This class will help you naturally increase your energy levels. Learn to work with the energy of your day-to-day life in this guided practice by one of our teachers. Every moment has its energy. Instead of letting it ride you, learn to ride the energy of this very moment.



Connect with your own tender heart. This class encompasses loving kindness practices and ways to become more compassionate and empathetic toward others. Be guided step-by-step in opening your heart to the people you love, the people you dislike, and the myriad of people in your life you don’t know very well.



Let’s party. Our 90 minute events involve more of everything. More background and teachings on the topic at hand. More meditation. More time to get into how this whole thing applies to your daily life. Featuring MNDFL’s expert faculty or special guest stars, events are an opportunity to really go deep with meditation and community bonding.


Class Pricing

30 Minute Classes

First Time Class – $10

30 Minute Single Class – $15

30 Minute 5-Class Pack – $70

30 Minute 10-Class Pack – $130


1 Hour Private Instruction – $150*

*pricing begins at this rate

45 Minute Classes

First Time Class – $10

45 Minute Single Class – $25

45 Minute 5-Class Pack – $115



First Month Unlimited – $50

Monthly Unlimited – $150

Drop By Anytime!

During business hours, when classes are not in session, our studio is always open for self-guided practice in lieu of formal classes. This service is $5 for non-members and free for monthly members.

Private Instruction

About Meditation

About Meditation

There are many types of meditation. MNDFL helps you find the right fit for you.

We offer Vedic, Zen, Jewish, Vipassana, Kundalini, Tibetan and Shambhala forms of meditation, as well as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.

Meditation is like going to the gym. You can’t go once and expect immediate results. If you stick with it, it will change your life. You don’t need to learn every form of meditation; you need to find the one that suits you best.

The way a teacher in the Kundalini tradition offers a MNDFL Breath class will differ from the way someone with a Zen background would teach that same class. Both are valid and wonderful—you should explore classes with our wide variety of teachers and see what resonates with you.


Each of our classes are taught by certified, expert
teachers in a variety of meditation traditions.



For the past 15 years, Megan Mook has immersed herself in the study of Buddhist meditation and yoga. Megan has lived around the world and studied closely with teachers in the Buddhist Zen, Theravada, and Tibetan traditions.  She holds a Masters in Buddhist Studies from the International Buddhist College in Thailand, and has studied Tibetan scriptural translation with Drs. Robert Thurman and Lozang Jamspal of Columbia University.  Megan is the resident meditation teacher for Kula Yoga Project, Yoga Union (Alison West) and Brooklyn Yoga Project’s Teacher Training Programs, as well as the head teacher for Prana Power Yoga’s NYC Teacher Training Program. Megan writes about yoga and meditation, and teaches workshops and classes throughout New York City.



David Perrin is a teacher and meditation instructor in the Shambhala tradition. David is a creative arts therapist specializing in drama therapy. He has collaborated with youth and adults across a variety of therapeutic, recreational, and educational settings. With over twenty five years experience working in the third sector David has served in various governance, administrative, and direct service capacities.  David lives in New York City with his partner Anne and three children Rhese, Bodin and June.



Kate Johnson is happiest when working at the intersections of spiritual practice, social action, and creative expression. Her style as a meditation teacher is clear, warm, and smart, encouraging stability and clarity of mind while bringing the heart a little closer to the surface. When she’s not at MNDFL, Kate teaches mindful yoga and meditation in NYC public schools, Buddhist meditation at The Interdependence Project, and facilitates Social Presencing Theater, an embodied approach to organizational training and leadership development.  Kate has trained at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, The Interdependence Project, Laughing Lotus Yoga and The Presencing Institute.  She also holds a BFA in Dance from The Alvin Ailey School/Fordham University, and a MA in Performance Studies from NYU.



Kathy Cherry is a founding member of DharmaPunx NYC and has been teaching at the Sangha since 2010. With practice and training grounded primarily in the Theravada tradition, she draws inspiration from contemporary culture, art and science to help contextualize ancient Buddhist concepts, making them relevant to our modern lives. Kathy’s teaching style emphasizes embodiment, compassion and practical wisdom both on and off the cushion. “Most of us live from the shoulders up.” “We prefer the figuring out mind because it gives us the illusion of control. Being awake to the madness and engaged in our choices is a revolutionary act.”



Joshua Bee Alafia graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 1995 with a BA in Theatre Arts/Film. He currently is a filmmaker and has worked as a teaching artist teaching film, capoeira, tai chi and teaches mindfulness practice through the Lineage Project. He is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leaders training through Spirit Rock Meditation Center.  He currently teaches at New York Insight Meditation Center and leads the Brooklyn People of Color and Allies Meditation bimonthly sit every 2nd and 4th Monday at the Brooklyn Zen Center.



Lodro Rinzler is a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and the author of five books on meditation including the best-selling “The Buddha Walks into a Bar”… and the award-winning books “Walk Like a Buddha” and “The Buddha Walks into the Office…” Over the last fifteen years he has spoken at meditation centers, businesses, college campuses, and locations as diverse as Google, Harvard University, and Capitol Hill. Lodro’s columns appear regularly on The Huffington Post and Elephant Journal and he has been featured by The New York Times, New York Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, WBUR, FOX, and the CBC. In addition to serving as the Chief Spiritual Officer of M N D F L, Lodro is the founder of the Institute for Compassionate Leadership.



Adreanna’s first encounter with Buddhism was in a high school philosophy class where the discourses on The Heart Sutra rocked her worldview in an uncomfortable and exhilarating way.
Following a subsequent decade of flirtation with meditation, she found her home at The Interdependence Project in NYC, where she completed their year-long teacher training immersion, and continues to study, practice and teach alongside those who inspire her path. She’s taught meditation as a practical tool for clarity and resilience to corporate offices, middle school students, and served as a lead coordinator of the Meditation Working Group at Occupy Wall Street, bringing daily practice to the volunteers at Zuccotti Park in 2011.

When she’s not on the cushion, she serves as an Executive Coach at The Institute for Compassionate Leadership, a Student Coach at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and catalyzes women to rally their resources so that they can find more freedom in business + life in her private coaching practice.



Acharya Eric Spiegel has been practicing and teaching meditation in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition since 1971. He is a close student of the late Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche and of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, who empowered him as Acharya, or master teacher.  At the same time he has had a long career in finance, as CFO of two Wall Street investment houses and currently as CFO of Kenzan, a rising software development company. His interest, as a teacher and as a leader in business, is exploring the place in which wisdom and compassion can be seen as inseparable from the world of commerce, desire and all of the aspirations we experience as “our life” and society.



Joseph Mauricio is a teacher, speaker and coach who works with private clients, couples and groups. He offers motivational and meditation workshops in academic, business and private sectors. A senior meditation teacher of the Shambhala Buddhist Tradition, Joseph began his career twenty years ago at Karma Choling Buddhist Meditation Center in Vermont.  He has subsequently taught in schools, businesses, yoga, meditation, wellness and community centers throughout North America, Canada and Europe. He is the founder of  LIFEWORK SERVICES – Meditation based coaching, sits on the faculty of the Institute for Compassionate Leadership, is the founder of Dharmajunkies an engaged spiritual community, serves as the head meditation instructor for Warrior Bridge Aikidojo and is a co-director of THE WAKEFUL WARRIOR PROJECT, working to bring mindfulness training to veterans.



Sharon Salzberg is a meditation teacher and New York Times best-selling author. She is the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society in Barre, Massachusetts, and has played a crucial role in bringing Asian meditation practices to the West. Sharon has been a student of meditation since 1971, guiding retreats worldwide since 1974. She is a weekly columnist for On Being, a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and the author of many books including “Real Happiness,” and “Lovingkindness.”



Aaron Teich is a Kundalini yogi, meditation teacher, and healer. After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in Comparative Religion, he discovered Kundalini Yoga, studying with Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, and with Guru Dev Singh, the Master of Sat Nam Rasayan® (SNR) – the healing tradition of Kundalini Yoga. To deepen his training, he later earned a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and traveled for one year to 12 countries to study with international healers. For the past decade, Aaron has offered classes and workshops in Kundalini Yoga, SNR, and meditation, in addition to maintaining his private healing practice.



Maho Kawachi was born in Shibuya, Tokyo and has always thought of herself as the ultimate city girl, except for the three years when she lived among cows and the ever-beer-drinking OSU students in Columbus, OH. Living and practicing Buddhism in NYC gives her a constant challenge and a golden opportunity to become a good teacher. Her teaching style comes from the Tibetan Buddhism lineage with a modern tweak. She welcomes all sentient beings in her life, especially humans and dogs.



Sebene is a meditation teacher and certified Integral Coach®. She has been studying Buddhism since majoring in Comparative Religious Studies at McGill University and is a graduate of the Community Dharma Leader Program at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. She is a teacher at New York Insight, leads programs at various centers around the country, and is training as a retreat teacher with Thanissara and Kittisaro. For over 20 years she worked nationally and internationally for small and large not–for–profits; her work has taken her everywhere from the Tenderloin in San Francisco to refugee camps in Guinea, West Africa. Sebene is a two–time breast cancer survivor.



Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and one of the world’s leading experts in Vedic Meditation. She has been featured in the New York Times, Elle Magazine and has been invited to teach at Google, Harvard Business School, Summit at Sea, Viacom, Awesomeness Fest & Omega. She was inspired to share this practice after experiencing the profound benefits it provided during her 10 year career on Broadway, which included roles in Chicago, The Producers & A Chorus Line. Named by MindBodyGreen as 100 Women in Wellness to Watch, you can learn to meditate with her in person in NYC & LA or online with



Yael Shy is Senior Director of Global Spiritual Life at New York University and is the Founder and Director of the award-winning MindfulNYU, one of the largest campus-wide mindfulness initiatives in the country. Yael teaches and lectures on mindfulness, meditation, and multifaith engagement privately and at universities, community centers, and organizations across the globe. She is certified in Jewish Meditation Instruction by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality and was a co-founder of the Jewish Meditation Center in Brooklyn in 2008. In 2010, Yael was named one of the “36 under 36” changemakers transforming the Jewish world by The Jewish Week newspaper. Yael has been practicing at the Brooklyn Zen Center since 2009.



Mama, teacher, speaker, coach, and co-author of Art of Attention, Elena has taught yoga since 1999, meditation since 2005. After graduating from Cornell University in 1992 with a design degree, she worked as a textile and apparel designer for 6 years, and has been studying with master yoga teachers since 1997. Influenced by several traditions including Katonah Yoga, ParaYoga, Kundalini Yoga and Vedic Meditation, Elena offers practice as a way to approach our world with realistic reverence and gratitude.

Her classes are a masterful, candid blend of artful alignment and attention cues for your body, mind and heart. Her Audio Meditation Course is globally renowned as a way to boost or begin a consistent practice, and the film on which she’s an Executive Producer, On Meditation, is currently featured on several international airlines and on national public television.


Kevin Townley

Kevin Townley is a writer and performer. Since 2010 he has been
studying in the Shambhala tradition as well as with the Sokuko-Ji
Zen Center. He completed the Interdependence Project’s teacher
training program in 2012. He is passionate about exploring the
interplay of meditation and art-making and encouraging others to
bring their own innate humor and insight to their meditation

He and his friend, Elna Baker, have just finished writing a
novel, which will be out next year. They also put on a monthly variety
show at Joe’s Pub called The Talent Show.



Amy Gross is the former editor in chief of O, The Oprah Magazine, and is now teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), a non-secular approach to meditation developed by molecular biologist Jon Kabat-Zinn. She was born in Brooklyn, majored in zoology at Connecticut College, and co-authored two books on women’s health (Women Talk about Breast Surgery: From Diagnosis to Recovery, andWomen Talk about Gynecological Surgery). She is a contributing editor at Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, and on the advisory board of the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society.



Since 1995, she has been listening to her teacher, Khenpo Pema Wangdak speak of matters that have become increasingly important to her. In 2003, she received novice ordination and instruction from Chokye Trichen Rinpoche in Nepal and received the name Ngawang Samten Drolma. She has done meditation retreats at Pema T’sal Monastery in Nepal at Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, and at The Palden Sakya Center in New York City. She is also indescribably grateful to His Holiness Dalai Lama and His Holiness Sakya Trizin for their profound Root Teachings. She is also inspired by the example and instruction received from Venerables Robina Courtin, Tenzin Palmo, and Pema Chodron.  Marcela is a Certified Junior Intermediate 1 Iyengar Teacher. She has studied with the Iyengar Family in Pune and with Manuoso Manos and Patricia Walden.



Paulette Graf trained in MBSR Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the Center for Mindfulness founded by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, and upholds that tradition. As a member of the Mindfulness Meditation New York Collaborative, Paulette teaches mindfulness to the general public, and in organizational or corporate settings. With a background in fine arts, she holds a BA in psychology. Paulette’s studies include contemplative curriculum at Naropa University, and years of practicing Shambhala Buddhism, Zen, Vipashyana/Insight meditation. She is also a Shambhala meditation instructor.



As owner and teacher of Gaiatri Yoga Teacher Training, Ally Bogard has been leading yoga and meditation classes, retreats, immersions, and teacher trainings throughout the world for over ten years. Having first studied meditation through the Kriya and Tantric Yoga lineages, she continues to deepen her studies through insight, self-inquiry, and mindfulness meditation. Now based in New York City, she holds weekly group meditations for all levels of practitioners. Through great teachers and her studentship, she has cultivated a unique voice and a commitment to teach in a way that helps one become a clear vessel through which Higher Power can move for the service of others.



Caroline is a writer and activist who first came to breath-based shamatha meditation in 2008. She has been teaching since she completed the Interdependence Project’s Facilitator Training program in 2012. She created the Sound of Mind mindfulness of sound workshop which was held at ISA restaurant in Brooklyn, and held a weekly mindfulness class at the queer arts and community space The Spectrum, also in Brooklyn. She aims to bring a sense of humor and wonder to her classes, and hopes to create a gentle space for simply being with all the sounds and sensation of life in New York City.



Sara Auster is a certified Sound Therapy Practitioner and meditation teacher based in New York City. She has been a driving force in bringing sound meditation and sound therapy to contemporary culture. Sara offers sound meditation in different formats including workshops, retreats, trainings, private sessions and large-scale events all over the world.

Using holistic approaches to healing with the transformative power of music and sound, Sara’s carefully crafted personal instruction allows her students and clients to use sound as a tool to support, access, and cultivate deep relaxation.

In New York City, in addition to regularly teaching at MNDFL, Sara collaborates to create sound for The Big Quiet, and offers sound events at venues such as The Rubin Museum, New York Society for Ethical Culture, Lincoln Center and Summer Stage in Central Park. Sara co-created the Mindful Music + Sound Series at Tibet House in 2014, and serves on their associate board.



Ralph De La Rosa is a psychotherapist, meditation provocateur, yoga instructor, musician, and writer. He  is the founder of The Mindfulness Sessions, a weekly class devoted to neuroscience- and psychology-informed techniques for clarifying and strengthening the mind. Ralph began practicing meditation within the bhakti yoga tradition in 1996 and became a student of Amma (Mata Amritananda Mayi) in 2000. He began studying Buddhism in 2005 and owes a debt of gratitude to both the Insight Meditation and Shambhala lineages. Ralph has taught meditation since 2008 and holds a Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University.



Gala Narezo is a mother, an artist and an educator. Her work celebrates mindful change-making through the arts and has focused on a range of subjects including youth advocacy, plastic bag legislation, immigration and women’s rights. She started meditating over twenty years ago when studying Qigong and Chinese martial arts. For the last ten years Gala has been a student of Tibetan Buddhism and mindfulness practices. She completed a year long teacher training at The Interdependence Project, has studied with Mindful Schools and is currently doing a masters thesis on integrating mindfulness into social justice arts programs. She believes that meditation is a powerful form of self care and kindness.


Pandit Dasa

Pandit Dasa is an inspirational speaker, meditation teacher, and well-being expert. He has conducted stress management workshops and meditation sessions in corporations such as Google, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Intel, Novartis, Columbia and many other institutions. Through these workshops and practices of mindfulness, Pandit helps individuals lower stress and anxiety, increasing focus and productivity, and develop positive perspectives on challenging situations. Pandit has spoken at a TEDx conference and has been featured on PBS, NPR, The New York Times, and writes for The Huffington Post. In his book, Urban Monk, Pandit writes about the turning point in his life that came after his family lost their multimillion-dollar business, which caused them to lose everything. This served as a catalyst for Pandit’s journey that would take him from Los Angeles, to post-Communist Bulgaria, to a monastery in Mumbai, India. Pandit spent 15 years in New York City living as a monk. He uses his training and experiences to help corporate and student audiences manage stress and develop a work-life balance.


Hunter Cressman

Hunter Cressman is a qualified independent teacher of Vedic Meditation based in New York City offering private instruction and monthly courses in NYC, California and abroad. He is a skilled expert trained in the Himalayas of India under pre-eminent master-teachers. Hunter has personally taught hundreds of people this effective stress relieving technique worldwide. He is committed to showing students how to integrate daily meditation into modern life.


Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter is a yoga educator, meditation teacher, writer, and lifestylist. As a senior teacher and teacher trainer at YogaWorks in New York, she has led a combined thirty-five 200hr and 300hr teacher trainings. Chrissy’s teaching style is rooted in her practice as a student of Iyengar yoga. She tempers clear, inspired teaching with space, light-heartedness and humor. She shares the art of mindful living on her blog, where she weaves philosophy into cooking, design, and everyday life. Chrissy has appeared in numerous publications including The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Live Happy, Shape, and Health Magazine. She has starred in two Gaiam yoga DVDs, and is a featured teacher on and Meditation Studio App.


Hari Kaur

Hari Kaur is the Director and Founder of Hari NYC The Treehouse, a loft for Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, and Jazz. She directs and teaches Kundalini Classes and Teacher Trainings in the US and abroad and is co-author with Machelle Seibel, MD of “A Woman’s Book of Yoga: Embracing Our Natural Life Cycles” (Penguin 2002) and author of “A Woman’s Book of Meditation: Discovering the Power of a Peaceful Mind” (Penguin 2006). Hari is part of the generation of senior teachers in the US whose dedication to teaching created the movement that integrated yoga into modern life. HariNYC


Melissa McKay

Melissa McKay is a yoga and meditation teacher and former owner of Kusala Yoga in Brooklyn. She began her meditation practice in 1998 in California and sat her first intensive retreat with Sayadaw U Pandita of Burma in 1999 and has been participating in retreats annually ever since then. She travelled to Burma for her first intensive practice there in 2000. After moving to New York City she continued to practice at IMS where she attends retreats regularly mostly with her teacher Bhante Khippa Pano. She began sharing meditation practice in 2005. She teaches annual retreats regularly with Josh Korda of Dharma Punx NYC. Her intention for teaching is to encourage her students to cultivate the invaluable gifts of mindfulness and lovingkindness in every moment of their lives. You can listen to talks and guided meditations on her podcast here:


Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart is fascinated with interpersonal relationships and finding mutual understanding between humans. On retreat at a monastery in Nepal, she deeply connected with Tibetan Buddhist teachings and has been exploring the various lineages in earnest ever since. She is the host of the Interdependence Project’s interactive online meditation, Sit Anywhere Sundays, a platform that encourages engaged discussion and making practice accessible. Jackie brings mindfulness into action through involvement in social activism, leading corporate meditations, and philanthropic work. With an MA in Media, Culture, and Communication from NYU, she works at mindfully finding the balance between the outer world of the fashion & entertainment industries and an inner life of feeling “whole and enough.”



MNDFL believes that meditation can transform your company. We offer three packages for your company’s meditation needs.

We establish routines with employees for regular practice together at work. Corporate discount at MNDFL offered to all employees.

Your employees come to us

Your employees receive meditation training from our expert teachers in our beautiful and convenient space.

Our teachers come to you

MNDFL’s expert faculty visits your company, meets one-on-one with executives and leads group sessions, in order to integrate meditation into your culture.

We build MNDFL at your office

MNDFL customizes and builds out an accessible meditation space at your company, supplies teachers to lead courses and offer one-on-ones.





Freedom of Space $5 for drop-ins, free for members

Use our space for self-guided practice when classes are not in session.



Have a MNDFL question?

The answer you seek may be here.

What are good classes to start with?

Our MNDFL Breath, Emotions, Sound or Heart classes are a great place to start,
as well as MNDFL 101.

What should I wear to class?

We have no specific dress code, however we suggest wearing something you feel comfortable to sit in whether jeans or workout clothes. Since we ask you to remove your shoes at the door, bring your favorite cozy socks or feel free to go barefoot. Suits or skirts are also welcomes we don’t recommend the mini kind.

What will I sit on in class?

MNDFL exists to make meditation accessible to everyone. With that in mind, we have chairs, two types of cushions (zafus and gomdens), and backjacks (for extra back support) for you to choose from. If you are concerned about being comfortable during the session, please call us at 212.477.0487 to discuss further options.


Ellie Burrows and Lodro Rinzler met when Ellie began volunteering at Lodro’s non-profit, the Institute for Compassionate Leadership. Over tea one day, Ellie asked Lodro why there wasn’t a modern, non-religious, drop-in studio where she could explore traditional meditation techniques in a contemporary context. As a busy New Yorker, she wanted a place to go throughout her day that didn’t involve climbing five flights of stairs and sitting in on two hour talks. Based on his years of teaching meditation in New York City, Lodro had been thinking the same thing and they hatched MNDFL, what is now the premier drop-in meditation studio in NYC.

Ellie Burrows

Chief Executive Officer

Ellie Burrows is a writer and personal development coach living New York City and The Universe at Large. After graduating magna cum laude from Northwestern University, she served as an executive in the film business for a number of years, focusing on the business side of film: producing, selling, financing and finding new talent. When Ellie’s meetings began to evolve into coaching sessions around effective communication and interpersonal relationships, she chose to pursue mindfulness in a more meaningful way. She then traveled the world as a spiritual tourist ultimately returning to New York where she received her Certificate in Coaching from New York University. Ellie is a blogger at Huffington Post, The Chalkboard Mag, The Numinous, MindBodyGreen and Medium. She uses ancient teachings in a contemporary context to inspire compassion, confidence and consciousness in a highly digitized world.

Lodro Rinzler

Chief Spiritual Officer

Lodro Rinzler is the youngest senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist lineage and the author of five books on meditation including the best-selling “The Buddha Walks into a Bar”… and the award-winning books “Walk Like a Buddha” and “The Buddha Walks into the Office…” Over the last fourteen years he has spoken at meditation centers, businesses, college campuses, and locations as diverse as Google, Harvard University, and Capitol Hill. Lodro’s columns appear regularly on The Huffington Post, Marie Claire, and Elephant Journal and he has been featured on WNYC, WBUR, FOX, the CBC, Bloomberg Businessweek and Fast Company. In addition to serving as the Chief Spiritual Officer of M N D F L, Lodro is the founder of the Institute for Compassionate Leadership.

Arianna Bickle

Studio Manager

Arianna Bickle is a writer, yogi, and digital media strategist. A graduate of The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, she spent a number of years dancing both nationally and internationally on stages in Paris and Brussels. After completing her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification and over four years of teaching, she knew it was time to step off the stage and focus on the humans around her. In addition to founding “Gardens of Thought,” a blog in which she explores the way mindfulness threads itself into our everyday life, she was one of the earliest hires at MNDFL and today serves as studio manager.


10 East 8th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 477-0487